Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Only two more days in BR

The apartment is moved out of and I'm trying to make last minute contact with friends and students. Ed and I spent a lovely day in New Orleans on Labor Day Monday, where a lady sketched our picture:
On Saturday, some of my students had a party for me at the Chimes. Most of them were from LSU in Germany, and we had an excellent time (I did anyway!). On Tuesday, the Whiskey Widows had a party in my honor at the Patrician. Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful send-offs!
The car is in the shop, being prepared for the long trip north. I'm in my office at LSU today, tidying up.

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Lee Edgar Tyler said...

I'll always remember what the lady who drew us said: "I did my best to capture
her sweetness." Or words to that effect.

She did her best, but capturing that sweetness is not an easy task.