Saturday, October 27, 2007

My first ball!

These are just five of the girls who make up the graduating class at the BAKIP in Liezen (a BAKIP is a school that trains kindergarten teachers). This weekend they had their equivalent of prom - a Matura ball. All the girls wore white dresses, the only guy in the class got to wear a "Smoking" - tuxedo. To start, the girls and their dates performed a Polonaise, a very complicated and beautiful dance:

At midnight, the students performed songs and dances from the musical, Chicago. They are SOOOO talented!

Oh, and I bought a ball gown so I'd fit in somewhat. After all, the Stainach Matura Ball is this coming weekend!


ema said...

OMG, you look wonderful! The pics are amazing! What a beautiful landscape! Hope you're having the experience of a lifetime! Tell me via e-mail, please!
Hugs and kisses

ema said...

Well, you know who I am! (LM)
Do not forget to tell me more via e-mail...

Lee Edgar Tyler said...

Somewhere there's a wicked queen screaming at her mirror "What do you mean, I'm not the fairest of them all."

So be careful with those apples.