Sunday, March 2, 2008

Emma and Oliver

Hi-dee-ho Neighbors!

We are experiencing so-called "Hurricane" Emma here in central Austria. Wind gusts up to 170 kmps (over 100 mph) in some places, lots of damage to forests, property, and houses. Not much to see from my window,

But here's a link to official photos from the local newspaper:

hint: anything with the word Foto (Fotoserie), Bilder (Bildergalerie), or Video will be pictures.

In happier news, on Friday I went to a blues concert and it was just like being at home in Louisiana! The Austrian bluesman, "Sir" Oliver Mally, appeared in Stainach with his band, Blues Distillery. Here's a link to his website. (in English). Take a listen to his music, and see if you don't agree that he'd be more at home in Baton Rouge than in Wagna bei Leibnitz!

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