Friday, March 14, 2008

Proof that God has a sense of humor

Last Wednesday night, my landlady invited me to go for a walk with her. When we set out, we could see a crescent moon, stars and a few clouds. Fifteen minutes into our walk, it started to rain. Halfway through our loop, the wind came up and blew our umbrellas inside out. Then one of those sudden mountain storms came howling down the valley and we got thoroughly soaked. You can even see the angle of the rain on my jeans!

So we did what all good Austrians do: we toughed it out, safely avoided traffic and some minor flash flooding on the way home, changed our clothes and drank Schnapps to fend off the chill!

Rumor has it that if this storm had changed into one of those infamous Austrian "hurricanes," the name would have been Hurricane JOHANNA!

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marilyn said...

Joey, clean up your room, roland