Friday, May 23, 2008

Scenes from Enns

This is the town where I spent three summers helping with the archaeological excavations. The director of the museum invited me to attend the opening of a new gallery, so I made the trip from Irdning this morning. My first stop was the Gasthof zum schwarzen Bären where I got a room, but was told that the restaurant operation had been moved to the port of Enns. So I took a taxi and had lunch al fresco by the riverside. Then I got a ride back into Enns where I took some pictures. The opening was quite large, maybe 50-70 people were in attendance. I got a special tour by the research director and the donors of the new gallery. I am hoping to do something for the museum in the future (anything from translating to research).

The focus of Enns is the clock tower on the main square. You can climb it for a Euro, and the view is incredible: you can even see the confluence of the Enns and Danube Rivers.

Enns is the oldest city in Austria, according to their articles of incorporation (1212). But the Romans were here in 212! The Museum Lauriacum is a gem. All of the Roman finds on display were actually excavated in Enns. The most important exhibit is the ceiling fresco of Cupid and Psyche:
It's nice to be in Enns again. It's one of the places I really feel "at home."

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