Sunday, May 16, 2010

Follow the bouncing ball

Monday 5/10 - had lunch with my friend Alli; gave a final exam (23 students) at 5:30 pm
Tuesday 5/11 - gave two final exams (33 students) at 7:30 am
Wednesday, 5/12 - all exams graded, grades submitted by 8:00 am, shopping
Thursday, 5/13 - office hours, car to body shop, post office, finished packing with no A/C, nearly electrocuted the maintenance man, took a taxi to the airport, flew to Memphis, flew to Amsterdam
Friday, 5/14 - flew to Munich, lost luggage, took train to Ennstal
Saturday, 5/15 - bought clothes for class on Monday, picked up Scottish-Styrian dirndl, dinner with friends
Sunday, 5/16 - all day at accordion contest in Deutschlandsberg, arrived at my new apartment in Graz at 7:30 pm, reunited with luggage, but too tired to find free bouncing ball image on the internet
Monday, 5/17 - my classes at the University start!

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Regen und mehr said...

Momentchen...Graz? Uni? Bist du zurueck in A? Dann haetten wir uns fast sehen koennen - war in Wien letzte Woche! Och schade!