Friday, May 6, 2011

In training!

Remember the 600-yard dash, AKA the 600-yard run-walk?  It was part of the Presidential Fitness Test (now the President's Challenge) that my generation had to participate in every school year, along with assorted other tasks like sit-ups and pull-ups.

Well, today my 11 year old self would be so proud!  I just jogged around the lake, 1.6 miles total, pausing momentarily to pick a sprig of elderflowers.  That's 2816 yards.  Take that, Mr. Chambers!

Dirndl by Schneiderei Kathrin, Irdning
Why a sprig of elderflowers?  On 600 yard run day, my mom would always spritz my wrist with perfume.  She said, "When you think you can't go any farther, just sniff your wrist for inspiration."  My mother had top-quality perfumes (Joy, Lalique) and sharing them was a gift from her heart.  The sweet-smelling elderflower I picked today was my inspiration, reminding me of Europe where elderflower grows rampant and is used to make syrup for refreshing drinks.

And that's why I'm in training:  It's been a long, sedentary winter, and soon I'll be back in Austria.  I have to be in shape to climb every mountain (cue Julie Andrews) and fit into my custom-made dirndl!

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Go Joey! Go! :-)