Friday, September 7, 2007

The Odyssey begins!

Last night I met with some friends and colleagues for one last goodbye at Chimes East. I left Baton Rouge this morning at 7:15 with a fully loaded car and armed with my old car tapes from the 1980s. Would you believe that the first song that played on my "Funky Favorites" tape was Falco's "Vienna Calling"? How appropriate! Then I listened to the Dillards (they played the Darling family on the old Andy Griffith TV show... "Rainmaker" always makes me cry!). I found a Paul Simon tape my friend Danielle had made for me, and "Graceland" started playing just as I entered Memphis! And there's a line from one song, "Aren't you the woman who was recently given a Fulbright?"! And I sang along to the B-52s and rocked out with the Ventures (remember the theme song to "Hawaii Five-0"?)

So about 570 miles later, I'm relaxing at a luxurious Hampton Inn. I had a a pulled rib sandwich in Mississippi with fries and coleslaw, so for dinner I opted for a chocolate-coconut sundae and coffee at Outback - I've earned it! Tomorrow, Iowa City or bust!

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