Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My new job!

Reliable access to the Internet is a wonderful thing! Just one of the perks of my new job. I "teach" four days a week, three days in Stainach and one day in Liezen. Stainach is 10 minutes away by bus, and 45 minutes if I were to walk. Liezen is 25 minutes away by bus, and the school will help me with transportation costs (another perk!). School starts at about 8:00 am and I am done by 1:30 every day. AND I have Fridays off! (Another perk!). Next week, the school is sponsoring a trip to the Dachstein Glacier to watch the sun go down, and I've been invited to go along (perk!). So, yes, I suppose there will be bad days, but right now I'm very happy with my decision to come here!

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ema said...

You look sooooo happy, and I'm happy for you! (LM)