Monday, November 26, 2007


The Upper Styrian assistants united in Liezen for Thanksgiving. Caitlin (from Connecticut) has a big apartment there with a proper kitchen, although four of us preparing food at the same time was a tight fit! Each of us prepared different foods: Ash (from Scotland) made the StoveTop stuffing which Caitlin bought in Paris (?!). Rob (from Ohio) was in charge of the turkey schnitzel, our only concession to Austrian cuisine. Caitlin made potatoes and pumpkin bread. I made something resembling my grandmother's scalloped corn, and brought the cranberries (known as lingonberries here). We also had wine, beer, and schnapps. Caitlin invited her 84 year old neighbor (who rightly but bluntly pronounced the potatoes "cold") and her landlord, who gave her advice on how to keep the pumpkin bread from sticking to the bottom of the pan. But everything tasted GOOD and that's what's really important.

Afterwards, we played Bingo Dice, which is a board game we've become quite addicted to. At the end of the evening we waddled home to our different corners of Styria. The only thing that was really missing was leftovers and FOOTBALL!

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