Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let the celebration begin!

Pre-game to the Bad Aussee Maturaball. My friend Ash decorated her apartment with streamers and balloons and had petit fours and champagne for my birthday. Ash (left), Caitlin and I went out to a superb dinner and then to the Maturaball, where the midnight entertainment started off with a video parody of the White Stripes The Hardest Button to Button (I'll try to get the Bad Aussee version sometime, it was brilliant!).

Stayed up partying with 15-18 year olds until 2:30 (here, Lisa and Hanna from the 6B) -- what a life!
This afternoon my landlady had a party in my honor. Yes, folks, this is what 43 candles looks like!


marilyn said...

And a very happy 43rd to you from both of us.
We go to CA on this thursday to visit roland's mom.
I am getting a birthday box together for you, anything special besides choc.chips and white gravy mix? A CA something??? I will look.

enjoy your day, marilyn and roland

Megan said...

OMG! I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! You look so beautiful!! 43?!?!?! Yeah, right!

Caitlin said...


I couldn't write that on your facebook, so this is good enough :)

Do you have any more pictures from Bad Aussee? I feel like I am using you and Ash for your cameras when I'm too lazy to schlepp mine around...

See you in about 30 minutes!

ema said...

OMG! Your hair, your stile! You look sooooo beautiful! I miss you badly. Kisses. LAURA

ema said...

I meant your style (new look)!

Pat said...

43 candles? It was your birthday and who else's?