Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eisstockschiessen (or, how I spent Valentine's Day)

These are Eisstocks (or rather, Eisstöcke):

These are some of my colleagues from Stainach, standing in front of the Eisstock office in Gröbming (note flask being handed around):

Here's a picture of Pepi (Geometry teacher=ringer) in action:

A rather lame description of the sport can be found in English or if your German is good, you can try here. I played the game for two hours, and I still can't tell you what the object is. I just asked where I should shoot, and my teammates pointed. Apparently I'm rather gifted. because there was much jubilation and Schnapps twice when I hit the intended target.
At the end, the loser presents the winner with a pair of wooden scissors. My team won, represented by Latin teacher Christa (natch!).

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Annelie said...

Servus:) Freut mich, dass es dir gut geht...und hey, es gibt sicherlich keinen besseren Weg Valentinstag zu feiern als mit Eisstöcken, oder? Ich mag dein Blog (hab vor kurzem gehört, das es 'das Blog' ist, nicht der - klingt doof). Lass es dir gut gehen!
Was sagt man in Österreich? Pfirt di (?)