Friday, March 21, 2008

Safe at home in Iowa!

It took 38.5 hours to go from Irdning to Iowa. On Sunday, my adopted family in Austria (Thomas, Daniel, Johannes, Elfi and Wolfgang), took me to Munich so I could catch the plane on Monday. I flew Munich -> Atlanta -> Cedar Rapids where my Dad and Mom picked me up.

Good to be home, and I'm doing all the Iowa things: Prairie Lights, mall, Hickory Hill park, Midtown Cafe. And I'm trying to record the differences between the US and Austria. For example, civilization to me is the HyVee food store, which is about 8 times larger than the largest supermarket in Irdning. I took my camera and photographed things like the milk section, with its plastic gallon milk jugs and different fat contents. For the record, Austria generally has two different kinds of milk (whole milk and "light" milk) and they don't add vitamin D to it (so much for remedying Seasonal Affective Disorder!)

We're expecting a "wintry mix" this afternoon/evening. But that's o.k., because we've got the NCAA tournament on television - ah, Iowa in spring!

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marilyn said...

oh, loved the pix of jim and jean--they look so happy to see you, and, might I add, shining with youth! m