Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pax Romana, Pax Americana

Well, the poster says it all! On Monday, April 21 I gave a lecture at my school in Stainach, in which I compared the Roman Empire and the American "empire" I was assisted by students who gave mini-lectures on Frank Miller's 300 as propaganda and a comparison of Trajan's column with American media coverage of the war in Iraq. But the highlight of the evening was when one of my students delivered a Ciceronian speech while wearing a toga, then using the toga as a curtain held by two lackeys, he stripped off the Roman garb and delivered part of a JFK speech with similar themes. Here you see the "President" (Lukas) and the first lady (Gudrun), with their secret service man (Oliver).

The fifth form students made Roman food as a fundraiser so they can go to an English speaking country (probably Scotland) and Caitlin and I spent Sunday making chocolate chip cookies (we're out of chocolate chips... mayday, mayday!). I thought they might make 80 Euros tops, but they brought in 156 Euros!! We had a very generous audience comprised of parents, students, colleagues, Fulbright assistants and friends.

It was a wonderful evening, and there may be a write-up in the local paper. If so, I'll update the blog with a link! (UPDATE: Sorry, no picture and the text is in German...

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Caitlin said...

I just want everyone who wasn't there to know how much Joey ROCKED on Monday night! She was so eloquent and calm and gave a very interesting but to-the-point lecture. And her students are adorable. And everyone loved her. And, though this is completely unimportant, she looked pretty snappy!