Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Irene's Garden

For the past six days I've been enjoying an extended vacation from school -- Austria celebrates Pentecost as a national holiday. Who am I to complain?

Instead of going to some exotic country, I have been vacationing in Irene's garden. Every morning I get up, write some emails, eat breakfast, then around 10:00 am I pack up everything I need for the day (blanket, pillow, chair, table, laptop, sunscreen, sketchbooks, colored pens and pencils, journal, postcards, books, camera, binoculars, cell phone, jacket, sweater, water) and I plant myself under a tree in the garden and spend 4-6 hours reading, writing, sketching and just generally delighting in the sun on my face and the cool breeze on my winter softened skin.

I am joined by a neighborhood kitty, whom Rob calls "Bob" (although I suspect this is narcissism) and whom I call "Skippy" (or more specifically, "Damn Skippy" because he is the most annoying kitty on the face of the planet). A picture is worth a thousand words:

Most mornings, Skippy is darkening my door when I set out for the garden. I don't know where he was this morning, when an armless, legless lizard (sounds like a snake, doesn't it... looks like one too!) somehow reached my bathroom! Luckily the tiles were cold and the slow worm lived up to his name. I caught him handily in a dustpan, and left him to warm up in the sun, making sure he slithered in the direction of the ravine not back to the house.
But Irene's Garden is a magical place with its wooden sculptures, terraced flower beds, pebbled walkways, and view of the Grimming. You can be sure that I will be spending many days like this in the coming weeks!


Cora said...

I am in awe of your breath taking view... to see that every day must be the most calming thing. Don't disparage my darling Damn Skippy...he's a lovely boy
(:-D)... Looks like very pretty kitties... Watching one of mine take her umpteenth millionth bath... Must away...we'll chat later... Kisses

Pat said...

That cat infiltrated your Prairie Lights Bookstore bag! Oh the horror...the horror.