Saturday, June 21, 2008

Irene's Garden, Pt. 2

When I was in preschool, the teacher sent a note home to my parents indicating that my artistic talents should be fostered. Although I've had some success with various projects and crafts over the years, I've never really taken it seriously. But Irene's garden is so inspirational with its sculptures and flowers, that I have taken to sketching scenes that catch my fancy. This is one of my better attempts:

Besides read, write, and sketch in Irene's garden, I am allowed to do three things for the good of the order:

1) Weed the terrace
2) Weed the pebbled walkways
3) divert mosquitos from biting Irene

As a result of last night's weeding, I woke up with about 30 mosquito bites! What exactly are the consequences of too much mosquito venom, I wonder?


Cora said...

I'm impressed with the sketch... Can you do one of a similar nature for me? Would love to have it in the house... The colors are so pretty and it looks of Spring.

marilyn said...

the effects are not good--could turn you into and irritating biting flying insect!
the sketch is marv--such a light and airy touch. Do more! marilyn