Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wo man sich wirklich wohl fühlen kann...

Hard to believe, but I have just about a week left in Irdning. Sitting here in my apartment, I can smell the warm scent of mock orange on the evening breeze, and when I think about leaving this place, I start to get all weepy. The first year has been FABULOUS and I am so happy to be returning for 2008/09. I know wonderful new adventures await in Iowa and Louisiana this summer, but even so, I feel like I really belong *here* in the Ennstal. There is something about the people, the pace of life, and being surrounded by nature that I simply can't get enough of!

Looking back on everything I've done over the past year, it seems like my whole life has been leading up to this point. And although I've had my ups and downs, I am generally happier than I've ever been, doing things I really enjoy (writing, sketching, getting paid to read books, watch movies, speak English and explain the idiosyncracies of American culture!). I've made some good friends, live in an apartment where the rent is reasonable, my roommate agreeable, and my landlady does my laundry. I can hop on a bus or train any time and go to a concert, a festival, a museum, or just poke around a new town to say I've been there!

I've also reconnected with music, although I'm one of the five people on the face of the planet who does not own, or want, an iPod. Right now, I'm listening to the dB's on my laptop, and echo their sentiment: "I feel good, good today..." and "It's good to be alive!"

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Gerda said...

Dear Joey,

thank you for this words!!

I saved the text. Thus I can reread it at any time (when I´m sad... )

You should think about becoming an author :-D