Saturday, September 27, 2008

Being a verb...

I’ve been in Austria over a week now, and I’ve seen the sun shine for maybe 5 minutes total. It is cold (8-10° C = 46-50° F during the day) and rainy off and on. The only blue sky I see is over the Iowa cornfield that I’ve set up as my computer desktop. Despite the weather, I’ve got lots accomplished in the past few days: secured my residency permit, registered with the local authorities, ordered a new train discount card, sorted and filed all my school papers from last year, met with friends, flirted with the bus driver, shopped for essentials, and written – As my friend Robin would say, I’ve been a verb – (and an active verb at that)! School for me starts Wednesday, October 1, and because I’ve been so industrious, I have nothing hanging over my head for the first time in I don’t know how long. With my new-found freedom I will work on writing projects, taking time out to go to Sturmfest tonight. Sturm is the newly fermented wine that comes in three flavors: white, red, and Schilcher (a grape native to Styria). It tastes like grape juice but it’s a little fizzy and if one is not careful, it packs a powerful punch. Needless to say, I am always careful! Here’s a picture of me, Irene, Rob, and Rob’s girlfriend Diana as we celebrated our reunion at a local inn last week ( Note the glasses of red Sturm!

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