Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The last two weeks

My school year hasn't gotten off to the best start! First I was hospitalized, now I'm fighting some sort of respiratory crud. But I am back at school in Stainach and Liezen, which is a relief!

Despite all that, I have managed to get out of the house. Two weekends ago, I hiked up to the Stallaalm (1450 m) where there was 10 inches of snow! The people who were there before us built a snowman:
On my day off last week, I toured Wörschach, a little town I've ridden through a hundred times on the bus. I took some nice pictures there, especially of the fall colors and the architecture:

And over the weekend I made an apple pie from the apples in Irene's garden. Last night Irene and I peeled and sliced enough apples for two big apple pies and seven apple strudels!


LadyKate said...

Your pie is are you?


BakerGirl said...

Oooh, that pie looks gorgeously delicious! :-)