Saturday, November 29, 2008

Devil's Night 2008

It's Krampus night in Irdning! Heavy metal music, pyrotechnics, good vs. evil... What's not to like!? Last year I wrote about Krampus in Stainach and Schladming. This picture showing the juxtaposition of Christmas decorations with devil figures and the security guy pretty much sums up the atmosphere of Krampus night:

There were plenty of St. Nikolas' running around with angels to save everybody's soul.

This year there were some new costumes (remember the bat?):
And some very realistic masks (it's the eyes that always get me!):
And some lovely, traditional carved wooden masks:
I think this one was my favorite!

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BakerGirl said...

Such a neat holiday! I think it would scare me though...I'm a total wimp when scary masks are involved!