Friday, November 7, 2008

What a week!

Where to begin?

Last Friday, I went to the anglophile party where I indeed met lots of interesting people! The venue was a beautiful Thai restaurant/inn, run by a Brit. Saturday I began my novel for National Novel Writing Month. Over the next three days I wrote 5309 words. And then... the election hit.

As an American assistant in the Austrian school system, I am responsible for teaching not only "American" English, but also American culture. This means that since January I have had to be the expert on the 2008 election and American politics in general. Let me say now that I am glad that the election is over! And I extend thanks and congratulations from all of my friends, students and colleagues in Austria to the entire United States of America. You made a good choice!

The first of November was All Saints Day (the reason for Halloween... I also have to be the expert on American holidays!). Since Austria is predominantly Catholic, everyone goes to the cemetery and lights candles on the graves of their loved ones. At night, the view is spectacular! In the distance you can see the Grimming, Schloss Trautenfels and the church in Pürgg:

We are enjoying the most beautiful days of Indian Summer, and we have been reading McCutcheon’s Injun Summer in school, in conjunction with a unit on native Americans. Tonight there is a native American performance at CCW, the local cultural center.
The big news is that Nicholas Cage is filming a movie in Bad Aussee and is reportedly staying at Schloss Pichlarn, less than a mile away from my house!!!

I am going back to writing today (the blog is just my warm-up!). Unfortunately, this cartoon pretty much sums up my writing routine:

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