Monday, November 10, 2008

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

That's right! 33 years ago today (November 10, 1975) the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a storm on Lake Superior. We listened to the song in two classes today and I taught my students about American ballads and the mnemonic device for the Great Lakes (HOMES). I also read off the names of the 29 crew members since we didn't have a church bell.

So, be honest... do you get a tear in your eye, or lump in your throat when you hear Gordon Lightfoot's song? I look forward to reading your response in the COMMENTS!


Regen und mehr said...

joey, i only realized now that i took the same layout...funny. like it much better that before.:)

Will said...

yes i do get a bit misty when i hear the song
i've been in bad weather before on a boat
not very pleasant :P

Lee Edgar Tyler said...

The bit about the cook I find particularly poignant.