Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The party's over...

Another Mardi Gras season has come and gone. In Austria, they call it Fasching, but it's still a crazy time when usually sane people take the opportunity to act a little insane. Here are some Fasching highlights from this year.

I made a King Cake (from scratch, mind you!) for my colleagues on our first day back at school (January 7). A pecan nut was substituted for the baby. We had done this little ritual last year, and everyone remembered how traumatized one of my male colleagues was when he thought he had to "bake" a King Cake for the next gathering, not "bring" one. Said colleague wouldn't touch this year's cake, and strangely enough, the last piece of cake was the one with the baby (not that I'm accusing anyone of cheating...)

It seems that Austrians do not enter into the spirit of King Cake like we do. Instead, they serve Faschingskrapfen, which are big, fluffy jelly donuts filled with apricot jam and covered with powdered sugar. I've eaten about eight in the past two days, and if I never eat another one it will be too soon.

We served King Cake at a small, impromptu gathering last week. In the meantime, my parents had sent a box of Mardi Gras beads, which really helped us get into the holiday mood!

In Austria, it is traditional to dress in costume for Fasching. We had a costume ball at school on February 13, dressed in costume for dance class the next week (see below), then went Eisstockschiessen (and barhopping) the next weekend. The Usual Suspects

Finally on Fat Tuesday, most of the students and faculty went to school in costume. I went as the goddess Diana (here with my dance teacher, Heidi):


BakerGirl said...

Your king cake looks amazing! Very scrumptious!

I love that you went as Diana, she was one of my favorites! :-)

I was watching the LPB Ballroom dancing competitions and thought of Austria, which led me to think of you!

Be well!

Rebecca Nazar said...

What fun! Love the Diana costume.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Looks like a fun time for all, and that cake looks yummy!

JKS said...

The recipe can be found here: It turned out fabulous, but it took a whole day to make. And t'ain't easy to find colored sugar sprinkles in Austria. I had saved from last year's MamPaPaul's mixes (which are also amazingly good for a packaged product!)

russell said...

what awesome photographs! you're too good at being amazing, you know? I've seen king cakes baked a million times and wouldn't even be so courageous as to try it out myself!

but that's pretty much why you're boss.