Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Rocks (aka New Year's Resolutions) - Part I

Do y'all know the Big Rocks parable?   A physics professor walks into class with a bucket full of big rocks.  He asks the students if the bucket is full.  They, of course, answer "yes."  Then he takes a bunch of pebbles, and pours them into the bucket, where the pebbles search out the spaces between the big rocks.  "Now is it full?"  he asks.  The class is a little more skeptical.  He then takes several handfuls of sand, which seek out the spaces between the big rocks and the pebbles.  "Is the bucket full now?" "No!" answers the class.  The professor pours in a gallon or so of water, filling in the spaces between the big rocks, pebbles and sand grains.

He then explained that there's always a way to fit more into a defined space, whether it's a bucket or the hours in a day.  But you can only fit it all in if you start with the big rocks.  If you start with sand and pebbles, the big rocks won't fit in -- no way, no how.

I hope you all have a chance to think about your Big Rocks in the next few days. Stop back here on New Year's Day and let me know what they are!


Ed Tyler said...

That's a beatiful photo. Is it near Enns?

BakerGirl said...

Love that parable! I may have to borrow it and share it with friends!