Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Third time's a charm!

ScriptFrenzy is a sister project to NaNoWriMo which I've tried to do twice (last fall was a disaster, topping out at 4700 words.  Let's just say I was being a bit hubristic, thinking I could write 50,000 words while teaching a writing-intensive Greek and Roman Tragedy course!).  This time, instead of a novel, it's a script.

Why do I think this time will be any different?  First, I've had a script in mind for years, and maybe this will force me to get it down on paper.  Second, for the first time since I got back to the States in July, I actually feel somewhat on top of my game.  Just this week I discovered I have FREE TIME.  Chunks of it.  Time to work on all those projects that have been piling up...

So join me in April for ScriptFrenzy.  It's sure to be a gas! 

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JKS said...

BakerGirl says: "I got the e-mail for Script Frenzy and I've been thinking of joining... Hopefully this will go better."