Wednesday, May 26, 2010

post tenebras spero lucem

"These are difficult and heart-wrenching decisions, but they are decisions that must be made in light of the current fiscal crisis. Academic programs recommended for closure include ... the Bachelor of Arts in German and Latin and the reduction of language options for a savings of approximately $1.5 million at full implementation." - Chancellor Mike Martin, Louisiana State University, 24 May 2010


Bart said...

Ich bin eigentlich ein Student von diese Studenten, die bei LSU Deutsch studiert. Ich studiere eigentlich jetzt in Deutschland, um diese Studium zu verbessern. Jetzt werde ich hoffentlich dieses Studium fertigen, wenn ich zurück gehe. Es frustiert mich so viel darüber zu hören.

Johanna said...

You can get involved by writing to the Board of Supervisors in defense of the German program. The chair of the Board is R. Blake Chatelain ( and the representatives for your district can be found at