Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coming up for air

With the time change come other changes.  My last semester at LSU was rough – fortunately my friends and family in Iowa and Austria gave me a soft place to land.  I thought my month off in snowy climes was just what I needed to wipe the slate clean.  Little did I know how demanding two full-time jobs would be.  I arrived back in the States on January 10 and started at H&R Block on January 11.  I did not have a day off for two weeks, during which I also started teaching at  BRCC (two classes turned into three). I’ve been on the go, go, go ever since!

My to-do list has increased exponentially.  I have three midterms to write and administer this week.  There are two conferences I must prepare papers for (beginning of April and end of May).  And I should find a job to pay the rent after the end of tax season/the semester.  In order to accomplish everything, I have given up Facebook for Lent and am resolved to start living like a responsible adult.

The alligators are circling… leave words of encouragement in the comments!

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