Saturday, April 2, 2011

Decorah Eagle Nestcam

One eaglet has already hatched (first seen at 8:48 am Saturday 2.4.2011). There are two eggs left. Watch as nature unfolds before your very eyes!

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Update: Eaglet #2 hatched Sunday - the two are now engaging in sibling rivalry, fighting over who gets the next morsel of rabbit/crow/fish/unidentified mammal. There were some tense moments Sunday afternoon when one eaglet ventured too close to the edge of the nest. The last egg should hatch in the next day or so. Stay tuned!!!

Update II:  Full house! er... nest!  Eaglet #3 hatched on April 6.  Now we get to watch them grow and fledge.  Fun for the whole family!


Ed Tyler said...

This is so cool I'm forwarding it to my students. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I missed the hatching of the third and final egg but I found it on youtube.

Ed Tyler said...

A couple of my students saw the hatch live. I missed it because I have a Wednesday night class.