Thursday, September 20, 2012

My week - my semester

Only two of the first five weeks of the semester have been full five-day weeks.  First we had a hurricane (Week 2), then we had Labor Day (Week 3) - this week (Week 5) we had a bomb threat! I'm just going to link some interesting tweets from (note, supposedly Mike the Tiger was evacuated before the faculty and students were notified). The perpetrator is in jail, and I'm just assuming his motive was to spend the next 35 years there.  Because seriously, this crime is somewhere between yelling fire in a crowded movie house and domestic terrorism. You just don't do that!

Mike the Tiger (Wikipedia)
Last Friday I had my own excitement (see below). I've spent most of this week helping a friend and neighbor move. I'm giving an exam tomorrow, teaching, then I'm coming home to collapse!

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